"Not allowed to accept this player's game"

I often receive this notice when taking challenges. I personally never refuse anyone. anybody often see this notice or just me?

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Hello, could you elaborate where you see this problem?

On the play page (if you do not have them hidden) there is a lot of challenges you cannot accept. That is not to say that you personally were prohibited from accepting them, but usually just means you are outside of the rank the person is looking for.
Or in case of ranked games the maximum difference is automatically set to 9 stones.

Or are you talking about something else? I am not sure…

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hi AdamR, it’s right after i clicked the green button “Accept”, the notice jumped out.

i understand what you said. but that’s not the case. i believe someone purposely blocked me. i know i shouldn’t take it offense, but recently quite many of them. and i didn’t do anything offensive. all i did was just playing.


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Oh yes, I see what you mean. Sorry should have read the issue properly :smiley:

Indeed that sounds like the player has blocked you. And as you say I would take no offense from that, if you do not recall any argument. Might not even be meant in a negative way, I have already heard of players who blocked each player they played with just to try and play as many various players as possible and other not-negative reasons :).

Unless it starts happening more often I would not worry.

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But yea, obviously if you “often” receive this notice when trying to accept 1 guy’s games, no problem. If it’s many different people… you’re doing something wrong.


another strange thing was a couple of time when I accept challenge, it said:" you rand is too high to take this challenge.", i usually don’t take challenge that is much lower than my own rank. and to make sure i wasn’t drunk, i checked the challenge again and clicked again, it said the same. isn’t that funny?

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