Not automatically withdrawing from ladder after leaving group

I don’t know if it was intentional or this case was not handled, but if you join a group and join its ladders, then leave the group, you won’t leave the ladders. Just saying, in case it was not intended to be.

This feature/bug/behavior just saved me from accidentally resigning from a game. I forgot that I was still playing a game in the ladder of a group that I had left.

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~5 years later - Beeing a SDK, I felt it’s unfair to still be in a DDK-ladder. I left the group, but were still in the ladder. I went to the ladder page, but the “Drop out from ladder”-button were gone…

So I guess I have to join the group again, drop out of the ladder, then leave the group? :thinking::-1:


@Fiskhumla can I confirm that it is the “Double Digit Kyu Room 19x19” ladder that you want to leave? If so, I can withdraw you from it without you needing to rejoin the group.

@BHydden Yes, thats the one. I would be glad if you could remove me from that ladder :slight_smile:

(It would be handy if there was a button to leave the ladder by oneself)


Done :slight_smile:

I believe if you just go to a ladder’s page, there should be in the top right corner either a “join” button if you are not a part of it or else a “drop out” button if you are.

(The join button disappears if you are not part of the group, so potentially it is the case that the drop out button also disappears if you withdraw from the group first. If so, that is a bug that should be addressed… I’ll look into that)