Not sure where I went wrong in this 10k game

This was a good game with really relaxed time limits, I felt like it was going well and didn’t make any obvious mistakes, however the AI review shows a steady decline right from the beginning.

There must be some fundamentally poor choice of direction for me, but not sure where it is. Can anybody help?

Thanks very much

You didn’t make any points after move 40, bit your opponent did.

I don’t know what you were trying to do after move 40.

Move 12: iirc the “fashion” right now is D15. Very minor difference.

Move 20: Odd placement imo. I’d expect a true enclosure of the lower right. Black’s stone at R14 diminishes the value of the hoshi.

Move 30: This is honte, but you could consider a tenuki to the left side. Black’s move there was quite painful for you.

Move 34: From here you seem to lose control of the centre. How about pressuring the bottom side with H4 and G4?

Moves 40 and 44 are quite small.

Move 46: I think it’s fine to just block at R10. This the last reservoir of side points.

Move 60: You can think about a sacrfifice move like O10, which seems a bit better.

Move 68: imo this “wishful sente” move is the game loser, alowing your moyo to be ruined.

I disagree with Kaworu; you did make central points, but couldn’t keep them.


From the AI analysis point of view, things seemed to be “turned bad” by Move 51. This is the point at which the game starts getting out of reach of white, with a -15% mistake, taking the white win rate down to <25%.

At this move, the AI says that white needed to press out from the lower left - this group is apparently more important than making a few points up in the upper centre.

Even during the subsequent 10+ moves, the AI thinks that B6 is important for black.

I find that weird - I can’t really see the reasoning myself - just mentioning this all because that’s what’s there in the analysis :slight_smile:

This is reaffirmed by its recommended black response to white H10. It say “pff - that doesn’t matter, attack the bottom left”.

I think move 45 was game changing. Before that game was quite even.
After that white focused on influence and center. But black had openings on the center and the whole middle ended in a handful of points for both.
Maybe it would have been better to block move 45 on the side, not on top.

… although the AI thinks both are equally bad, and is focussed on the bottom left at that point as well!

… though I still can’t see why that is so - what is so important about J4?