Notification if a past game was reviewed

I use the forum to request reviews of my games from stronger players, and I keep track of that post so I know when/if a review gets posted, but I wonder if my opponents ever check back and see, as they would also find the comments useful. I would also never look through the forums to see if any of my past opponents request reviews that I dont see.

Would be nice if there was an alert if someone reviews a game you have played, either on the site or an email notification.

Apologies if this has come up before and is in the works/decided against.


I completely back this suggestion, it would be very useful.


Just to add my voice to this, I also agree.


A very worth-while suggestion. It would be most instructive to see past opponents reviews, perhaps with them selecting a ‘notify opponent of review’ option.


I, too emphasize how important this feature is !, in my opinion, a player must get notified in case anyone leaves a comment or review in his previous games, and also gets notified in any other chat, or game or … if a person calls his name in a replying manner for example, Ahmadi3D_Ali: check move 78


Voting in favour! :slight_smile:

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