Notifications on OGS Title Tournaments

So once again I missed the registration deadline for an OGS title tournament.

The funny part is that I don’t get notifications that registration has started, but I get notified when the registration is closed and the tournament starts.

Is it just me? Anyway I would suggest two changes:

  • Notifications should happen in one single place, whether it’s registration, start or end of the tournament
  • Considering that we are talking about the OGS Title Tournaments, I would expect the announcements to have higher visibility, not be posted in some obscure old thread. For example they could be pinned to the forum for a couple days.

Just my two cents.


Late sign up just started

But yes, the visibility of Title tournaments could be better.

PS: sign up for title tournaments starts a few month before the tournament starts, while the sign up remainder is only one week.
The next title tournament seems to be the Mingram Handicap