Nova League Calendar - Updated 5/5

Awesome, @saxmaam! You might want to change the time zone of the calendar to UTC, though :smile:


Hmm. Does your screen say “Abidjan” for time zone? google tells me that’s GMT. Google calendar doesn’t let me select a time zone, it has to be a country. Is there a country that “everybody” knows is UTC?

Ivory Coast is UTC. UTC = GMT

And I guess that the UK would be a country everybody knows is UTC

I didn’t pick UK because of DST changes.

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In the lower right you can add the calendar to your own google calendar. Then it will show your own timezone.


Good point, KillerDucky!

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thread bump. Calendar is in first message of this thread.

To fellow Calendar Guardians!

I think we should agree on unified form of calendar event titles in our Calendar to distinguish between events (currently watching TNL and RENGO). I propose this format (without quotation):

"EVENT:SUBEVENT: player1 vs player2"
e. g. “TNL:A0: Kuwabara vs Ogata”, “RENGO: USA vs UK”.

If the scheduled time is uncertain let’s write a question mark in front of the whole thing,
e. g. “? TNL:A0: Sai vs Ogata”.

Any other notes should belong to description.

What do you think?

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Approved! Google Calendar will need a scheduled time for an event to be added, though.

Also, it’ll be great if our fellow helpers could take care of the reschedules!

SUBEVENT TYPES: TNL group name, , no FWXhu subevents that I can think of …

So here’s an issue. If a user edits his post and adds games to a previous post, the calendar volunteers won’t necessarily get any signal that something has changed. I think it might be best to make a new post. I’ll occasionally request that a powerful admin clean up the thread.

Unless anybody has a better idea?

we can encourage people to contact a CG to make changes?

bump. have added a few dates here


Is there a way to allow anyone to edit the calendar ? I doubt anyone would mess with it. If that’s not possible, I guess that players should make a new post. Thanks for your effort !

Iceland is country where is UTC = GMT and there is no DST (Daylight saving time).

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I don’t think so, hqrpie.