Observe Games screen format

I see we now have a list format for the menu item Observe Games. I like this but I have some suggestions for the format

  • Add a column to show board size. (I prob wont watch 9x9 games)

  • Add a column for Ranked/Unranked

  • Add a column for number of spectators (if it’s popular, I might want to see why)

  • Add a column for time setting (I never watch blitz games)

  • Could lose the column with game name cos it’s never anything informative

Anyone agree or want to chip in with other comments ?


Yes, plus sort by column, please, as I already whined abt that somewhere else :smiley: (but the game names sometimes are funny ;-))

Yep all of those are planned… right now it’s a little more complicated than you would expect because of the way things are organized on the back end, so once I refactor how things are handled we’ll get all of these in place :smiley: