Offered three teaching games for 20kyu-30kyu - all taken

We now have this awesome new category for teaching games, which go well with the Teaching League, so to get things started, let me begin by offering three teaching games.

I’ve heard reports that it was particularly difficult for 20-30kyus to find a teaching game, so if you are in this range and feel ready to tackle the 19x19 board, then get your teaching game here.

I will play correspondence or live, depending on your preference. Live games would have to be sometime in the evening (central european time).

Still available teaching games: 0

Game #1 against gohiontach (26k) with review.
Game #2 against pharmacon (17k after rank adjustment) with review.
Game #3 against rico (29k) with review.


I’ll take one of your games. I’m currently 27k.

Sure… life / correspondence? What would you like?

Totally forgot. Correspondence is easier for me. Thanks!

Hi Erasmas. I would love a correspondence teaching game!

…and you got yourself one :slight_smile:

If it’s still available, I would like a correspondance game :slight_smile:

That’s the last then… congratz :smile:

Its disappointing you dont allow handicaps, as handicaps are great for giving help to the weaker player and making it more interesting for the stronger player. I would be happier giving a 4 stone handicap to a 20+ kyu player. (Bearing in mind that the difference is more than 9 stones anyway)
Maybe you could consider allowing the stronger player to set the handicap ?

No one forbids you to give a handicap. If you and the weaker player agree on the handicap, then by all means do so. In my understanding, however, handicap games play significantly different from a normal game. Therefore, teaching games without handicap simulate the real deal better. The weaker player is well aware that it is not about winning the game, and the stronger player knows that he will win, no matter if you play without handicap or not. Personally, I find teaching games where the weaker player gets no handicap stones much more interesting. I can judge the playing level of the weaker player much more accurately and provide better tips on his/her strength and weaknesses, when starting from a clear board. But then again, that’s just my opinion, so feel free to disagree and just play handicap games if you think it works better for you.

I would love a correspondence game, but I am 19k, and to be honest I have been losing to other 19k so I believe I am around 20-21k.