Offering semi-teaching games to 22k-25k

I’m looking to improve my Go by playing/reviewing games with players slightly weaker than me (17k). I’ll likely be able to suggest some improvements to your play but I’ll learn things, too, out from discussing moves with you.

Only useful if you already know basics (say, a first story of the tutorial here:, and you’ve already played a dozen games (against bots or humans).

Either 13x13 or 9x9 -boards. We either play a live game against each other, or review one of your past games here at OGS. Availability: almost every day, around 19:00-21:00 CEST (evenings in Europe).

If you’re interested, send me a message directly on OGS or reply here.


iam intrested,please your guidance

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Hi, thank you for the interest! I looked through some of your games and found couple of things we can discuss. I will write you a private message so we can find a time slot.

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HI, @jiveo
Let’s play!

I am interested! Not sure exactly what my actual Kyu is because I haven’t played many games on the site, but I know the basics of the game

Hello Fabiano, thank you for the interest! I’ve contacted you on OGS for a game.

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After you play 5 or 6 games your rank will be there.

Hi! I see that ‘Tremblade’ on OGS has played plenty of games and has rank close to mine - is that you? Or do you have a different nick on OGS than on the forum?

That should be me! I didn’t really know how many games was a lot, and a friend had earlier commented that my rank may not be quite right, so that’s what I was going off of.

I see :slight_smile: Since our ranks are close, it would be more like an even game with a discussion afterwards. If you’re interested in such a game, send me a message on OGS.

Hi I’m looking for teaching game
I’m Giovanni

I’m 24k

Hello @DocGiovanni, thank you for the interest. I’ll send you a message on OGS.

I would like to give you a teaching game

you can send me a challenge when you have time

Hi Jiveo,
Thanks for the proposal !
I am clearly weaker than you but having started just few days ago, I’m trying to improve.
Many thanks,

Hello @AJR, thank you for the interest. I’ll send you a message on OGS.

Since I’ve created this topic, I became a bit stronger (12k-13k) so the offer now applies to 19k-25k.

No message from you my friend.
Thanks for your time.