Offering Teaching game to DDK players

Hello everyone
Since I first broke into the SDK Rank I have wanted to
teach others what I have learned so far
If you are DDK player who wants to become better then feel free
to contact me and then we can set up a teaching game
Woden, GMT+1


Hi Woden,

I would like to learn from you! I’m in New York city, GMT -5. What time would work for you? Thanks!

Hello 3mushroom3
I am available most of the time through July and August
except this weekend. How does Sunday or Monday around 20:00 or 21:00 GMT+1 work for you? (I think its 14:00 or 15:00 pm your time)

Hey @Woden do you have one more slot? I think I may be interested in a teaching game, since I never actually participated in one. I’m from Brazil, GMT -3.

I’d like to learn as well!

Sure I have time :slight_smile:
What time would suit you Ptro?

If you would like a game, then I have time
What time would suit you best?

As long as isn’t monday night or thursday morning is fine by me this week, so feel free to choose the most comfortable time for you.

same! just message me or send me a game vanadium3. I do correspondence mostly.

@Woden I’d love to learn from someone!

It seems you’ve been quite inundated with requests, so I fully understand if you don’t have time, particularly in the near future. But if, in some time, you might have an opening, I would love to set up a teaching game or two ^-^

Hi Im Catmoch! im asking for a teaching game!

Great offer, I’ll add you!

Okay just be careful with the accent over my name or you won’t find my account

True - there is a Woden (no accent). Is that you as well?

No that is not me