Offering teaching game to Double Digit Kyu players

Hello. If you are double digit kyu and aspire to be single digit kyu, message me or send correspondence game challenge (unranked) with “Teaching Game” as the title.

I was close to 1k years ago and I wouldn’t offer to teach if I wasn’t suitable. If you are brand new, I would suggest starting with the tutorials and resources on OGS first:

I would be most helpful to players who already know basics like ko, ladders and seki. Basic concepts are easier to learn from tutorials or Sensei’s Library found here:

I will try to accept willing students such as time allows. Thank you.


Since I will be answering questions and offering move suggestions, it would work best without a large handicap. It’s useful to learn to make shape and territory without a handicap anyway.


Hi @renlo , I want to do a teaching game with you but I want the time settings to be long because I have a lot of games going on.Any link to your account?

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I may be wrong, but I would assume that this is them,
Renlo [3k]


That is correct, thank you.