Offering Teaching Games/Reviews for DDK players (full)


Hi everyone! I see that a lot of DDK players on this forum are interested in getting game reviews and teaching games so I figured I would make an offer.

If you’re interested in a teaching game or would just like your game to be reviewed by a stronger player (I’m around 4-5k), I’d be happy to help out.

Players around 20k (pre rating change) would probably benefit most my help, but I’m certainly able to help players a bit weaker or stronger.


I’d certainly be very happy to play a correspondence teaching game with a much stronger player! What’s DDK BTW?

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@Mourner DDK = Double Digit Kyu (10k-30k) :smile:

and SDK is Single Digit Kyu

(just trying whether I still get that error 500 when commenting, I tried to answer the same question for about five minutes now :-! )

Alright Mourner, I’ll set up a game. :smile:

I would love to play a teaching game with a stronger player too! :smile:

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Challenge sent, jiivan_fb :slight_smile:

I would really enjoy a teaching game as well, if you still have bandwidth :smile:

You got it mlopezviedma. :smile:

For now I think I’ve got as many games as I can handle. When one of the games finishes, I’ll be glad to take on more. If someone just wants a review of a game they played though, I’m still up for it.

@AaronP: wouldn’t be good to play without handicap, so to work on opening concepts as well? Just asking. :smiley:

I think it depends. Teaching games can be played with or without handicap depending on the student’s strengths and weaknesses and what teacher wants to teach.

Also, I actually chose 3 stones for these games in an attempt to preserve as much “opening stuff” as possible since I get to have a corner too. :wink:

But if you feel you would learn better from an even game, that’s totally fine.

(Edit: typos, fail grammar, etc)

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Alright, I’m open for another game if anyone wants one. :smiley:

Sign me up!

Okay, nispio. Challenge sent.

Also I should let everyone know that I’ll be away for about a week from the 9th to the 17th and I won’t be able to make many moves during that time. :frowning:

Alright, everyone. I’m back from vacation and I’ve got room for one more game!

I will take it if it’s still available. thanks

That was fast. :smiley:

You got it demonhead.

Thanks for supporting OGS as a teacher AaronP. :smiley:


Okay, I’ve got an opening again. :slight_smile:

Thanks Franzisa! :slight_smile: