OGS best players Tournament

I thought of an idea the other day: I think it would be fun to have a tournament for the people that have the best records on this site. A tournament with, maybe, 10 or 16 players that have grew a lot on the last months and played and won a lot of games.
I know there already are “sitewide tournaments” but this would be different because it would be set up only for active players that keep growing in this page only, not anyone would get the chance to get in as in sitewide tournaments.
The players to participate could be decided with a math ecuation involving: rank grown, games played, games won, amount of games against stronger players, etc.
The tournament could be split in two, one for dan to 6k players and the other for 7k to 20k players (or something like that). Games with handicap seem right too, given the rank difference. And winners could get special trophees for their profiles.
I know the idea seems a little crazy, but it would be great to play in a tournament of this kind and it would encourage people to play more games here :smile:
There’s an obvius problem, to decide the players that get to participate, developers would have to be involved, and they already are busy enough with the new features and stuff. I post it anyways cause maybe it’s an easy thing to settle.
I posted it here and didn’t post it as a feature because it’s not ment to improve the page itself. Thanks guys for reading, let me know what you think on the comments! :loudspeaker:

Let’s call this OGS Masters. :smile:


I actually do have an idea to create major and Invitational tournaments, stay tuned!