OGS Beta is borking again


This time it’s Error 502 Bad gateway


It’s beta - I guess that’s what it’s for :slight_smile: Better there than on the main site eh?

Anoek has the whole “test the fixed up ranks” going on, might be affecting it…


Back online, nice!

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Out of curiosity, what takes you to beta?

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@Eugene Isn’t beta just used for testing and doing mythbusters and doing things that you can’t do on OGS?

Sure - I was curious what use @S_Alexander was making of it.

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Error 520

Web server is returning an unknown error

It was working just this morning.

Mostly trying to figure out how tournaments work at the moment.

What type of tournaments?Swiss round Robin McMahon or which one?

Usually I take this as a good sign: it means anoek is testing something out, which means something new is coming :slight_smile:

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Only the page isn’t working so that has a high chance of testing out as stated above.What could possibly come out?I’ve saw a lot of suggestion threads in this week.Edit: it worked again for me just now.