OGS close to unplayable: Timer error

I appreciate all the work that has gone into updating OGS, but as of now it is almost unplayable, especially blitz games and shorter time frames. I’m certainly not the first to raise my hand about this. I’m getting closer and closer to swithcing to another site if this isn’t fixed fairly soon.

I’ve lost so many games (and won some too) due to the timer lag that it’s ridiculous, normal games too.

Hope this is adressed . Thx


I’m having the same trouble. The submit button goes through phases of just refusing to work; I have to reload the game repeatedly before it’ll accept my moves. in 10 second blitz games that basically makes it impossible to focus on what I’m doing because I’m too stressed about whether I’ve timed out already while trying to submit a move.

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Hey all, I’m working on getting to the bottom of this, it’s my top priority.


That’s great, good luck. Kinda important to not drive the userbase away. :wink:

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Can only agree with ex_human, thanks for working on it!

Thanks anoek, appreciate it!

Good luck with the investigation!

My two cents: if feasible, it would be nice to have an announcement about this, as it’s probably better to know about the problem and perhaps avoid at least blitz games than to get halfway through a game and have the server time out on you.

(maybe it helps)

What is really strange: The system knows that my opponent set his stone already and shows it in the open-moves-number (in the upper right corner) but the game itself thinks it is still my opponents turn.

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Hi, was wondering if any progress is made? Still having the same issues: games timing out due to failure to register moves etc etc. hope this is fixed soon, getting really annoying.

Possible to use old timer interface? Never had any issues like this.

Yes progress has been made, many have reported it’s a lot better, still hunting a remaining hard-to-find issue though that seems to crop up whenever I turn my head though.


Please make an official announcement on this once this is resolved.

I observed the lag in my correspondence games in recent days. I am scared of this lag and will not play any live or blitz games until the admin announce the fix for this.

I’m still having issues. Opponent timer running out and when I come back to game I see I lost to time. Bloody annoying. I play on iPad btw.

I never had any issues like this on the old version. Really really close to abandoning OGS in favour of someplace else. :frowning:

This is quite urgent issue. I actually played couple of live/blitz game last night, all were fine. But
it appears to happen randomly here and there. Admin needs on top of this quickly. Lots of complain and I am afraid of losing user base momentum for OGS now due to this.

This remains the top priority.


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