OGS design for small resolutions

Following a discussion we have had on the chat of OGS, i’ve sacrificed myself to creat the topic on the forum. :slight_smile:

Well, i shall first introduce my screen :slight_smile: it is a 17" with 1680/1050 resolution.

First pic : full size goban

Second pic : smaller size goban

I was mostly using the full size but got bored of the problem with private chat boxes and the chat game boxe :frowning: (rely to number 3 in the pic below)

But still :

For me, number 1 should be reduce. I’ll take the example of KGS, the player names + lvl + stuff don’t take that much place. The idea of the pic is fun and makes the all thing more mhh relaxed but do we need such big pictures ? is that really important ? Only these two things take something between 1/3
and 1/4 of the height.

Same idea for 2, these tools are obviously important but, i’m sure the size of icons doesn’t need to be that big.

Well, mhh i’ll stop here before you get bored too much of my poor english xD

Thank you for this great OGS ! Long live to OGS :slight_smile:


I have a question, how do you even control the size of the goban? for me it always maximize to the biggest size it can do based on my window size, and the only thing i actually can change is hiding the menu to the left and resize the “review note box” …

I’ve found this an issue when using smaller sizes of screen (often not fullscreen as sometimes i do watch/play games while working on something else, so I would prefer if you actually could hide the whole bar to the right (ie players+chatbox etc) in the same manner as the menu…

Conversely, I have found that the goban is often too large because of this behaviour. This is frequently a problem with 9x9 boards and 13x13 boards when your browser window is maximised on a large monitor.