OGS Discord server

Someone on the baduk subreddit created a discord server for OGS players. I think it’s a nice idea so I’m dropping the link here as well. I’m hoping it’ll help us find games, review, and learn!

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There are already plenty of Go Discord servers…

OSR, Team Tenuki, Traditional Board Games, etc. It’s also kinda pointless to start a Discord “for OGS” because

  • if you want to chat, there’s OGS chat and PM
  • if you want to find games on OGS, there’s… matchmaking and chat or challenges
  • if you want to get a review, there’s the chat and the forum.

If you really want to improve OGS, join those existing Discords and offer to play with people on OGS (who’d otherwise only play on other servers).


As smurph noted, the website already has a built-in chat room for “live” discussions, and there is also this forum for “correspondence” discussions.

Is Discord really so popular/effective that it would be worthwhile for people to create a separate account and visit a separate website just to chat? I would guess that it would not be worth it.

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Most people who use Discord probably use the app - both on PC and on mobile devices. The benefit of Discord are the build in voice chat, lots of available extensions (bots), roles and notifications. That means one can i.e. have the role of SDK and people can specifically ask @SDK for a game which would pop up a notification on ones mobile. For me Discord is the main place to chat with fellow Go-players and I am on a bunch of Go-related servers.

Not sure however that a specific OGS Discord server is needed. As smurph wrote there are already a number of servers that already have a user-base. And something like this needs a critical mass to work.

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It is my server now btw

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Some interesting suggestions in here for improving OGS…

Did you close down the discord? I was a member but don’t see it anymore.