OGS doesn't alert when connection is dropped

I have lost a few games that I was otherwise winning because my network connection went down and I didn’t know it. If the other player has way more time left than me, and I have just submitted a move successfully, and my connection goes down while the other player is thinking, then I OGS doesn’t provide any indication when my connection goes down. Instead, my opponents clock keeps ticking down. In the real world (that I’m not connected to) he makes a move, and then I time out, without knowing it.

I’ve looked at other threads that say it’s the responsibility of the player to maintain his or her connection. That’s fine, I agree with that. But I think it would be nice if the local OGS client running in my browser would alert me when it can’t connect to the server for a few seconds. This way I will know to run and kick my modem to try to get back online in time to not lose the game I’m winning. :smile:

Would it be possible for the client to check for a connection and alert the user if disconnected?



Happened to me again just now. Anyone else experience this?

Is it related to recent lag or unstable server in last several days?

Because of that, I stopped playing live/blitz recently. I am scared to loss due to this.

No, I have an unreliable connection. Even so, it would be nice for the local client (running in my browser) to try to ping now and then and when it discovers a lack of response from the server alert me that I’m offline… (so I can go kick my router).