OGS forum categories: too much to be useful?

Am I the only one who almost never uses the OGS forum categories to search for info?
For me there are just just too many categories. There are almost 30 (sub)categories in use, some of them with only a few topics within.
This just doesn’t work.

How about trimming down the number of categories in order to make it a useful tool?

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I don’t see how reducing the number of categories would help there. The used categories are distinct and merging them would not make them more useful in a search request.

The only 2 topics with big overlap are support and bug report.



Well, I gave it some thought and how about a categorisation like this

1. Ladders, Tournament & Announcements
2. Teaching, learning & joseki
3. General
4. System & Forum
If you know where to search, you have a much smaller collection of topics to search. Within those 4 categories, you could even incorporate subcategories.


1. Ladders, Tournament & Announcements

  • Tournaments
  • Ladders
  • Announcements -OGS Announcements

2. Teaching, learning & joseki

  • Teaching - Reviews requests/Teaching games/Study Journals
  • Strategy and Tactics
  • Joseki

3. General

  • General Go Discussion
  • General Chat
  • Go Classifieds
  • Forum Games
  • Lounge
  • FAQ

4. System & Forum

  • Feedback - Suggestions/Bug report
  • OGS Development - API Development/Joseki Dictionary
  • Meta
  • Support
  • Internet Go - OGS/KGS/Nova League/Tygem/IGS/DGS/wbaduk

These two certainly have some overlap, but there are definite distinctions as well.

For some bugs that only pose a minor inconvenience, where one can find a work-around, they would not require support from the moderation staff, but should still be reported as a bug to be fixed.

In other cases, problems requiring support might not arise from any sort of software bug, but rather confusion about how to use/interpret a particular feature/setting, which could be raised in the support category to seek help.

Instead of looking to reduce, I’m more concerned about how too huge is the general go discussion category.