OGS Forum visits

The last few months I have daily visited the forums.
For weeks the visits remained at 89.
A few days ago it suddenly became 90.
I expected that from then on it would daily increase to 91, 92 (that being the maximum).
But somehow it is now stuck on 90 for the last three days.

So why is my quarter only 90 days, where other’s are 92 days?

Maybe better ask this on the discourse forum (the architecture behind the OGS forum)

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I think a quarter is 90 days.

Your year is then 360 days?
It is not as simple as that.

A quarter is a three month period (the three months up to and including yesterday; in the diagram from June 7up up to and including September 7).

This year (month, days):
Jan: 31
Feb: 29 (leap year)
Mar: 31
Apr: 30
May: 31
Jun: 30
Jul: 31
Aug: 31
Sep: 30
Nov: 30
Dec: 31

Jan + Feb + Mar = 31 + 29 + 31 = 91 (in a non leap year: 90)
Oct + Nov + Dec = 92

So a quarter varies between 90 and 92 days.
The question remains:

Calendar 2020: https://www.timeanddate.com/calendar/?country=1


Because in the last 3 months (92 days), you only visited 90 times.

That’s when a missing day fell out of the trailing 3-month window.

You have to wait for another missing day to fall off the end of the 3-month window.


Three days ago it was 89 days. On Sunday it became 90 days.
I kept on visiting the forum (yesterday and today). On Monday it should have become 91 days.
NB: Those three months are a sliding period.

I am afraid I don’t understand what you wrote, especially:

When you had 89, you were assuming that your three missing days were consecutive.

Your observations of the statistics suggests that your other two missing days were not June 5 and June 6, but rather some other two days in the period of June 7 through Sept 7.


Logical conclusion, but based on an incorrect assumption (that 90 days are a consecutive series).

EDIT: I drew a logical conclusion, but … etc.

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What do you mean? I’m not assuming that 90 days are a consecutive series. Your 90 visits from June 7 through Sept 7 do not have to be consecutive.

You asked why your counter incremented from 89 to 90 on Sunday, but did not continue incrementing to 91 and 92, right?

See EDIT in my prev post.

Ok, so you are saying that you drew the wrong logical conclusion, right? Do you understand now?

Yes. Thanks for explaining.

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Is this related to winning and rank going down? :wink:

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No, to be honest: it is about winning a badge for 100 consecutive days visiting the forum.

In my case it would beI I lose enough games and still don’t go up.