OGS Forums Diplomacy Game [on indefinite hiatus; see post 6 for details]

I know the idea has been floated a few times, so who wants to play Diplomacy?

The game will be played on https://www.backstabbr.com/ with 48 hours per phase; build and retreat phases 24 hours. Players will be informed of which other OGS personalities are playing, but not who has which country. Spectators (and players post-game) will be informed of exactly who is playing who. Spectators will not have direct access to the negotiations, but I will be relaying or summarizing important ones in the kibitz thread.

There are seven slots to fill, so contact me now for registration info.

PS: Backstabbr requires logging in with a Google account. This is unfortunately an unavoidable constraint of the platform, but hopefully it isn’t a barrier to most.

I’d be happy to just be part of a kibitz thread. I’ve never played diplomacy but it sounded interesting (maybe a bit more involved than something like risk? :slight_smile: )

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I’ll send you an invite to the kibitz thread once the game starts.

There mechanics of play are relatively simple, though there are about 50 edge cases (you can test moves out in a sandbox to see how they would resolve, though), but that only opens the door for the diplomatic portion of the game to shine.

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Why not just play another round of Diplomatic Go instead?

For people who want to play Diplomacy.

It has become clear that there are far fewer people interested in a game of Diplomacy than I was anticipating. I thought, given earlier positive mentions of this in the forums and the popularity of the Werewolf games, that it would be an easy sell, but obviously I was mistaken.

I think in part I did not give enough credit to the enormous amount of work that went into the preparation for each Werewolf game, especially the later ones, for their popularity.

If, in the future, whether it be in days, months, or years from now, and you happen to be reading this thread and are interested in playing, feel free to say so. Maybe I’ll be in the mood for some Diplomacy and if not, another may be willing to GM.

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