OGS freezing my macbook

I’ve been meaning to post about this for a while now.

Periodically when I load OGS in Safari on my macbook my whole system freezes, can’t move my mouse or anything. Sometimes this lasts only a few seconds but pretty often I am forced to reboot my machine as it is completely non-responsive.
This only happens with OGS, no other website or software does this, does anyone else have a similar issue?

I’ve had to reboot an otherwise healthy machine twice today, I hope someone has some insight on this.

Interesting … I’m playing on OGS (and using the forum here) on a Mac All. The. Time. And never noticed anything odd abt OGS …

Please post your system configuration (model/year, RAM, macOS version, browser/version, and perhaps also any browser extensions which might collide with OGS), that might help a bit in diagnosing what’s happening.


Sounds like a suspicious browser. An application in a browser should not be able to freeze your machine.


Maybe try Chrome?

(Written on Chrome under OSX on a macbook pro)


Well, I don’t think there’s anything suspicious about Safari, the default browser on apple devices. I generally prefer it to Chrome which I stopped using several years ago.

Seeing as I appear to be the only one experiencing this problem it seems most likely that it is a local issue on my end. Perhaps some issues with my Safari extensions or other system config. stuff as Trohde suggested. In that case I suppose it is just a coincidence that the issue pops up with OGS.

I should say that on a typical day I probably land on my OGS homepage about 10 times and this issue normally only pops every other day or so, so it is not a big deal for me; I was just curious to see if anyone else was experiencing something similar.

Another thing to note is that this only started happening a few months ago and the site had been working fine for me all the time up until then. I can’t remember if the issues began after a software update.

I updated my OS yesterday and will wait to see if the issue persists.

Thanks for your input folks!

Oh and here is my system configuration:

Its an early 2014 13-inch Macbook air, 4GB RAM, running High Sierra v.10.13.4 (as of yesterday, not sure what is was before that sorry), Safari v.11.1.

I’m running the following extensions: WasteNoTime, HoverSee, Ublock, Ghostery and DuckDuckGo privacy essentials. All of these were installed long before I even joined the site but I suppose an update to one of them could still have created the problem.

You don’t think the list that I posted, pointing to pages and pages of people having this issue with Safari, is suspicious?

How old is the MB? Maybe take it in for a hw diagnostic evaluation before it suddenly doesn’t reboot anymore. I had a late 2011 that had some sporadic problems. One day it’s trade in value went from ~$250 to $0.


Have you tried whitelisting OGS in those extensions, resp. disabling them for OGS?

Oh, and this:

Four years old … shouldn’t be a problem, until this January I used a nine year old iMac with OGS with no problems.

But this:

4GB RAM is extremely little RAM for macOS, IMO.


First Mac I bought was 2005 new just before the switch to Intel. Had 3 fixes under Apple Care in 3 years: HD, slot drive and motherboard. Virtually a brand new/refurb. Those had had a bulging capacitor issue but that wasn’t the cause. It just died in 2012. Had just maxed RAM and had a month on a 1TB HD. Finally trashed it a few months ago. Looked at the board and a half dozen capacitor were bulging. I wouldn’t buy an expensive Apple product with Apple Care, so they’re effectively charging even more by ~$400 for their units. The 2011 units had a GPU/display issue. My serial # didn’t qualify but that area always got pretty warm or hot when there was no obvious reason for CPU or GPU. Apple’s quality is probably a lot worse than it appears because they quietly replace the lemons and once you’re off warranty they’re worthless and too expensive to fix. If you bought Apple stock in 2005 you made enough to pay for the replacements (phew!); if not, it hurts.

Look at the supply of late to current model refurbs available; some look like standard models returned because they need more than base RAM or storage but that can’t be the entire source.

At the least uninstall extensions, 3rd party apps, trash the caches and saved application states and preferences for uninstalled apps. reset PRAM, NVRAM, SMC. run Diagnostics. An inconvenience but won’t hurt.

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I think uninstalling 3rd party apps is overkill—macOS is NOT Windows :smiley:

Trashing the caches can really help, though, and PRAM and SMC reset have saved my ass a few times also.

Some good maintenance utilities I can recommend, both can help with deleting cache files and much more:

  • Onyx (donationware) is famous. Be careful to load the version specified for your system version)

  • I like TinkerTool System ($14) a lot, perhaps just because I have (virtually) met the developer, he’s a software engineer who used to be very helpful and responsive in a German Mac forum I used to frequent years ago, and if you’re getting it you should also load its smaller sister “TinkerTool” (freeware) whose tools you can integrate into TinkerTool System’s window after putting both in your “Applications” folder.

(Beware: I wouldn’t remove application languages even if you don’t need them as I’ve heard that some problems can arise.)


Thanks for all your help guys.

The issue still hasn’t reoccured since I updated the software so I’m hopeful that it is resolved, but if it does happen again you’ve given me some things to try!


Always keep all your software up to date. Sometimes it pays to wait a little, like until a new OS release has had a dot update or two, but keep up with security updates for OS, Adobe Flash or Reader, malware scanners, alternative browsers like Chrome or Vivaldi (for Mac), extensions. There are automatic options for lots of things. If you look at a site like MacDailyNews or something you’ll tend to see some notices about important updates.

As for 3rd party software, it may depend on the issue but tech support will tend to ask about 3rd party stuff and I’ve had them ask me to disable or uninstall. e.g., Ad/Tracker blockers There are different startup options https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201255. If you use the Recovery partition, there’s no 3rd party stuff.

You’ve also got Run First Aid volume check in Disk Utility.


Less frequent of late, but sometimes when I first hit the OGS page, my computer freezes for usually less than a minute.

iMac (Retina 4K, 21.5-inch, 2017) 3.4 GHz Intel Core i5, High Sierra 10.13.6 (17G4015), Safari 12.0.2 (13606.

It sounds more impressive if you say “up to a minute”. “Less than a minute” makes it sound like it’s a good thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Searching the net for “High Sierra freeze” gives me the impression that it isn’t OGS related though.

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Just out of curiosity have you tried different browsers? (self censored the rant about my - admittedly brief - experiences with safari :slight_smile: )

I seems like it is OGS related. The only time my computer freezes is occasionally when I open the OGS page. It’s a minor annoyance.