OGS Game Timer ends earlier than voice countdown

Hi. I think the game timer is bugged and it needs to be fixed. For instance, I set a game with 10 secs per move (simple) since i like quick games, but the game always ends too early at the 2 sec voice countdown instead of after 1 sec. And the gamer timer also starts at 12 secs instead of at 10 secs. Does anyone else relate?

I don’t know anything about the technicalities of how this works, but I do know that voice takes more data and bandwidth than a number. So it may actually be that the voice timer is lagging behind the actual time. Have you watched the countdown timer to see if it is counting down accurately?

Hello @11199
indeed our simple counter is broken for some players. And unfortunately we have still been unable to fix it :frowning:
If you are having issues with it but still want to play simple there is a “workaround” by using byo Yomi with no main time and only one overtime with the desired time.

Sorry about that! It’s bugging me too if it is any consolation :smiley:

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It starts earlier so it is still ten seconds :slight_smile:
Joking aside, voice timer was really annoying in the beginning, so I actually deactivated it. Later I used it, because somehow got reactivated and got used, but too often things are weird, like overlapping voices, and in other browser the counter it is heard only in woofer. For sure is about how that browser is handling sound, and the setting of my sound system. So I bet that the anti delay of the voice is caused by some setting in browser. Can you try with different browser?

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