OGS has a new Glicko-2 based rating system!


First thing is put this report into a separate topic in the Feedback->Bug Report category of the forum.


Honestly, if there is a problem with just one game, I would just let it go…


I’d rather see it reported - it indicates there’s a bug, so there’s no knowing how many games are being affected that we don’t notice because we’re not really looking.


If every correspondence player has a problem with “just one game”

…that’s a lot of games.


after playing this new system for a while, I TRULY HATE IT! it does NOT reward you for beating higher ranked opponents, and punishes you severely for losing against same or lower ranked opponents, if this system is supposed to be fair, i don’t see it, i’ll be hard pressed to continue here on ogs


What’s an example of a game where you were not rewarded for beating a higher ranked opponent?