OGS has a new Glicko-2 based rating system!


Hello: Not sure I understand your explanation but it’s not necessary that I understand. I only play correspondence games and I feared mightily that this would lead to abuses, notwithstanding your good intentions. Anyway, right call. Can always count on OGS to make the right decisions!


not automatch, classic open challenge and they are not 9k in old ranking too.


@GreenAsJade: I can understand the need for cleaning, but I don’t the three different numbers. Also I’ve never been 10K. I’m 11k in the old system and 9k in the new. Where does 10k come from?


Your observations on a ‘mostly site tournament player’ sound pretty okay. I have a couple of familiar faces around my rank but most of the players in those tournaments indeed have a far higher rank. The number of players with a lower rank than me is usually very low. Sometimes 5 or 6 in total, but those get spread out on the different groups.

I haven’t tried quick match yet, but it could indeed be a way for me to play some more or less equal ranks as well. Good idea thanks :slight_smile:


Ah - at first I thought this was just the old system different ranks for different types of games, thing, but clearly (based on your old ranks) this is not the case!

The 9 vs 10 thing … I wonder if it is a rounding error, since you are 9.0 exactly… 9.01 would round up to 10 in the new system (as I understand it)


this table is useless. No one understand glicko rating because it

Its better to display this table in kyu/dan


The geek in me actually like it. :grin: It’s like looking inside the inner workings of a beautiful machine. And we can cross reference the rating with the ranks on the graph below it.


Yep bug! I know what’s causing it, we put a point in as your starting rating and it looks like we’re counting it instead of ignoring it.


it takes too many time to understand which ranks this 16 numbers means when you open random profile


I totally agree. I think we need to decide whether we’re all thinking in Glicko points or Kyu/Dan ranking.

Up till now we’ve all gotten used to thinking in Kyu/Dan points, and we know what 15k roughly means.

What does 1200 glicko points mean?

Glicko points are a wonderful implementation detail, but users think in Kyu/Dan ranking terms. While it’s been fascinating to see the inner workings, I think that the interesting information (such as “how good is my opponent at 19x19 correspondence?”) should be expressed in Kyu/Dan.



This did not paste as well as I had hoped… but @moocowpong1calculated how different glicko points stack up against our traditional understanding of k/d ranks.

EDIT: If you click the top of the quote box it expands and makes it readable.


If my opponent has higher rating than me, there’s higher probability that s/he is better than me.

If my opponent has large rating deviation (+/- RD), it probably means s/he hasn’t played for a while or only played a few games.

If my opponent has small rating deviation (+/- RD), it probably means s/he has played lots of games and you can be fairly confident with his/her current rating.

It’s not Go related, but this should shed some light…


Yes, but do you want to carry that in your head?

Why not just have the server do the work and present k/ds that we’re all accustomed to?


It does in the form of overall rank. Your display rank (ostensibly, I know there have been some bugs here and there about what is diaplayed) is calculated with these values.


Right, but we’re talking about the table that tells us how good our prospective opponent is at (say) 13x13 blitz. It’d be nice if that said 12k instead of 1501


Perhaps there needs to be a cosmetic change to hide the rating number table. Suggestions:

  1. Have a prominent display of the kyu/dan/pro ranking along with the single number Glicko rating.

  2. Have a “Details” or “More info” in a smaller text nearby the rating (or some sort of wordless expansion icon) that pulls out the full table with the confidence intervals and different speed limits.

  3. Maybe have the expanded/collapsed setting be remembered on the viewer’s account (Default: collapsed).


I really like the rating table … I hope they don’t change it or hide it. It has way more information than just showing a single kyu/dan rank, and while that might be overwhelming/confusing for some, I don’t think it takes too much time to get used to it and figure it out, and then it’s leaps and bounds more useful than the old system.


But wouldn’t it be improved if it were expressed in kyu as well, instead of glicko score?

That’s what’s being suggested… same info, just better presentation.




I personally find competing in the site 19x19 ladder an excellent complement to tournament play. IME I get a good balance of stronger and weaker opponents.