OGS has a new Glicko-2 based rating system!


And it will do just that, very quickly might I add, as long as you actually beat stronger players.




If you don’t want to show this information, delete table. If you want to show, why not to show is easier? Half measures. I suggest option that turns on/turns off (kyu/dan) mode.


This is a growing pain.

I think we just need to relax and let the developers do their thing. I don’t think they can address everything at once. They need to prioritize. Blaming them for half-measures is unfair. Most of us are here playing the game we love for free.


2 days later (with the new ratingsystem)

In the normal game life, everything is fine.

My rank is 2k higher. I still have to get used to it, but I know its a matter of time to adjust my sense for the numbers.
I know it doesn’t matter what value the numbers are, important is, I can compare them and will know is my opponent is 1 or 2 stones stronger/weaker or I got 1 stone stronger in the last ccouple of months.

The new Clicko numbers:
I still cant interpret them. I know I can compare them with my opponent directly and get a win/loss probability. But that mostly isnt my intention when I look them up.

I want to get a feeling for my opponent.

  • How strong is he round about (blitz,life,cor),
  • How is the win/loss ratio (what kind of playing typ is he?)
  • the ranked/unraked ratio (what kind of guy is he?)
  • my past games with him
  • and have the actual game in mind.

Why? cause i want to know if my opponent is just stronger(weaker) or do I playing bad(good) today.
Why? Should I more concentrate, go to bed, or should I fucking study a bit more tsumegos

or is he just 5 stones stronger and it is obvious why i am playing “bad”.

The new table could be a good tool, to get an even better feeling for it. But therefore I have to understand it on a short view.

In the past 2 days I looked several times to the new table, but honestly, I didn’t made sense of it. After a while I didn’t looked anymore. Just as usual to the old ELO-table, but these makes less sense anymore with the new ranks.

I am used to kyu/dan ranks.
'cause I use them daily (pick my opponent in the gamegraph, watch other gamers, in the common go-world, etc)
and the kyu/dan numbers have a real meaning (handicap stones)

The new clicko numbers are additional and necessary for a better matching, I understand. But is there a possibility to make them more useful by translate them by system? (of course additional ( with a switch?), and of course with a warning that they could make less sense)

Even it is not accurate it could help.


To be honest, if I came across ogs for the first time and there were no kyu/dan ranks in sight, I’d assume that it was just one of those for funsies go sites like flyordie.


My new overall score is 3 levels better than my old. I just do not understand the rationale for this


Will you please, please, please clearly show the rank, not just the rating, on players’ profile pages?


It looks like the rank appears right above the player’s avatar on their profile page.


What makes you think this would ever be the case?

The discussion about glicko rating vs kyu/dan only applies to the breakdown table in your profile page.

Everywhere else the new system shows k/d just like the old one…


Hmmmm. I think you are right. I did notice that, but there was something that bothered me.

I had the impression that my (and my opponent’s) ranks show up differently at different places, so, for instance, I have been suspecting that what is above my avatar is not what is used to determine how many handicap stones appear on the board, and maybe not what is used in determining how many points are added to or subtracted from my rating when the game is over. But I am rather new on OGS, so maybe I am just confused how what gets shown as someone’s rank seems to get changed ahistorically; for instance, I guess the ranks shown in my games history are not the ranks when we started the game nor the ranks right after we finished, but the ranks when I am looking at my games history.


I feel like the new ranking system make it hard to beginners/newcomers who is not around 13k to settle in. In the past i think the site is very beginner friendly since it’s easy to find other 20k+s, now everyone starts at 13k and beginners might completely get rekt, which can be a confusing experience and might be discouraged them from continuing playing go after their first few attempts. 13ks could end up getting auto matched to newcomers of various rank.

Beginners’s rank will settle after a losing a bunch of games, but mid/high dan newcomers might have trouble adjusting to their original rank if they don’t have any high level friends who’s willing to play ranked game with them. So they might have to play a dozen of game with sdk/ddks before they face any somewhat challenging opponent. So I think there should still be a some sort of initial rank/automatch rank like kgs to attract more players here.


I think that is a temporary glitch while the display is moved over to the new system. The old rank is still showing in some places.



Does everyone start at 13k?

Wow - I agree that would not be “right”.

I don’t see where that has been said though?


You begin as “?”. Your rating points are those of a 13k, but with a 350 deviation. This number is so high that the rating has virtually no value. In fact, playing only one game you can jump up to 1k or down to 25k.


Yeah - that makes sense. So you never really experience a shock of “going from 13k to 25k”. Actually, you go from “?” to “whatever the correct first rating is”.

Most excellent :slight_smile:


Exactly :slight_smile:


I allowed an opponent in a close game to time out because of what @anoek said here but I didn’t receive any rank change after this game : https://online-go.com/game/9251545

Granted I was a little behind but I had plans to make it very close. I could have paused the clock so he didn’t time out but chose not to because I thought the game would count as a ranked win.


I guess that shows that “is being redacted” doesn’t mean “has been redacted” :wink:


It has been redacted, however there’s another protection we have against mass timeouts which kicked in as your opponent is apparently timing out of all of their games :frowning: