OGS Insei League

I want to start a Insei League on OGS and before I do I want to get a nice estimate on how many would join. The point of the Insei League is for beginners to face each other. It’s a way to encourage them because people can get discouraged by the fact that people who are way better keep beating them. The Insei will stop at a certain rank and then my plan is that the graduates will move to the Nova league and then the level of completion will increase. So my question is how many people are interested and would you recommend this to new players?

I would definitely be interested. What rank are you thinking of stopping the league at?

I am thinking that actually anyone can join but once you win the top the division, because i’m doing promotion and regulation, you will be kicked out and saying that you pretty much have the skill to hold your own out there in GO world. But if that doesn’t work then 10k will be the limit.

Cool. Kicking someone out just because they win the top division seems a bit harsh. Having a limit like 10kyu sounds a lot more reasonable.


Ya you are right ha ha

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I’m interested.

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How much of a plan for the league have you got at the moment or are you just seeing how many people would be interested?

I actually have rules already made, I just need to make a sign up sheet, A report your game sheet and, a league table. Thats why I think in April or May I might be ready to make the first Cycle.

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I have actually made the sign up sheet this the first cycle so it might be a little rough but with time this will improve.
Sign Up:

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Do you mind if I give some suggestionsfor the sign up sheet? They aren’t big things but they might make your life a little easier. :slight_smile:
Which rank do you want? Overall or live or correspondance? It should probably specify.
Also if you changed the form you could have two separate questions and then google can automatically create a spreadsheet that you could sort by name or rank without any effort on your part.

I just had a look at the rules. They look good. :slight_smile:

Only comment I really have is that the games have to be 45min + 5x30sec. Thats fairly long and I can imagine there would be alot of issues trying to schedule live games between players when you need to have at least 1hr30 spare for it. Especially as this is aimed at DDK, the games probably don’t need to take that long.
Even the Nova League only has 30min +5x30sec though I believe they can go for longer if both players agree.

This is all just my opinion though so you shouold probably find out what othe people think. :slight_smile:

I’ll see how this first session goes and then make adjustments

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Awesome :smiley:

i’m all for this! but i will second the opinion that the games would be too long for me to commit to. its hard enough to get an uninterrupted hour. 1.5+ is probably not possible for me

Ok then we can get corresponding games but I’m pushing the start of the leauge to May

Please reply with some game times you would like the more the better.

For me games of 30min +5x30 sounds good though I would be happy with other time settings

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When you sign up, which I haven’t set it up yet but you will vote for a time you like.

Cool :slight_smile: I will do that once its set up then

The OGS Insei League sign up is ready for the May cycle, if you have already signed up please sign up again.