OGS Integration Questions (Ancient Go, UE4 Windows Client)

I am the developer of “Ancient Go”, an Unreal Engine 4 Windows Go client on Steam.

I have started testing OGS integration, and think I have a handle on how to format things within UE4 to communicate. I was wondering about one thing in particular that I don’t see in the documentation, namely how should I be checking for state updates?

Is there a listener I should be using? Should I be polling the SGF or game detail at some frequency?

I have not used REST or done much in the way of http requests before (Ancient Go is raw socket based TLS) so sorry if it is an obvious answer. Also REST is not playing well with UE4 in general so I am formatting all my requests using just http if that is relevant.


So, REST is just stateless http interaction (on a very basic level). For gameplay you may want to start by looking at our real-time api: https://ogs.readme.io/docs/real-time-api

There’s some more documentation on our rest api: http://docs.ogs.apiary.io/

We have some gaps in our docs but are always happy to help out other developers who want to use our API.


Oh perfect!

I missed the real-time section when looking over the docs the first time around since the readme.io landed on what seemed like a normal user page and I didn’t explore it.

Thank you.


We have a Slack channel for devs. If you would like an invite PM me an email address and I will get you in.


Yeah that sounds great. Sent a PM.

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