OGS is a great place, I'm just wondering about a few minor glitches

I keep playing on OGS from time to time and enjoy especially the
numerous fast tournament options. Its also fun that often non-handicap
games even with high rank differences are played. There are however
still some weird things appearing to me, maybe I just didn’t get it
and/or someone knows about a workaround…?

  • If I get a game challenge (I’m only speaking of live games), it is often
    difficult to notice as it just appears in the notice section at upper
    right side (the blue circle with the number in it). If there are already
    other unread notes (such as “game XY has started / stopped” etc.), it
    may be tricky to recognize game challenges in time.
  • Game challenges seem to prevail even if the opponent already has logged
    out. It sometimes happens that I click on a game challenge and my
    opponent does not appear and does not seem being online at all. Since I
    don’t want waiting till the end of the clock, I have to cancel the game
    by myself. After this action the system gives me a "2 minutes penalty"
    for cancellation which means I have to wait 2 minutes before I can
    accept another game. This really feels strange.
  • When I pick up a game, the opponent’s clock obviously immediately
    starts to run even if he is not yet in the game room. In fast
    tournaments, often 30 seconds or more are gone for my opponent until he
    manages to join the game.
  • Also, if I click on an open game request, the opponent seems not to have
    any possibility for a final confirmation. He has to live with it.
    Sometimes, the opponents don’t want to play me, even if I fit into their
    open game request. In such cases they often just let the clock run
    (with me having to cancel and getting my “2 minutes” again… ).
  • Just a minor glitch - upon score counting it seems that the clock of the
    last player is continuing to count down. It doesn’t seem to hurt but
    feels a bit strange.
  • Game scoring feels a bit awkward. I recently had a game with two very
    large seki and it was a pain in the XX - I’m still not sure if this game
    was scored correctly after all. A brief pop-up documentation on where
    to click in case of seki and what’s the difference between ‘strict
    counting’ and normal counting might be helpful. On other servers game
    scoring feels much more straight-forward. But maybe it’s only me…
  • I like the OGS interface and the tournament options quite a lot, on the other hand
    there are still comparably few players online and games going on (around
    50-60 at typical European evening times, on IGS it’s around 200 at the
    same time, similar for KGS). I suspect that this partially due to the OGS rankings, which seem all by 4-5 stones too low compared with most other ranking systems. For me it’s not a big deal, but players which e.g. start with their usual KGS ranking without knowing about OGS specifics are having a hard time and may get
    frustrated with OGS too early. But maybe I’m completely misled here.

One thing to note is that games with fewer than 19 moves on a 19x19 don’t count towards your ranking. Although, that could be more obvious to newbies to the site.

= )

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