OGS Leagues

I just had an idea.

We already have site wide ladders and such. But what about leages.

My thought is this. In other sports there are leagues… in these there are reams of players who are compeating to be the top of these leagues.

So my suggestion is this. Is rhere a way that we could implamenr a leage system on OGS with teams of various sizes or skills… that can compete to be top of the site wide league. Pitting team against team, bringing people together, in a competative way to teach.

Teams should be no larger than 10 players, and no smaller than three.

Leages games are created when one leage member challenges another. You cannot challenge a member of your own team and expect to gain points for the team.

Scoring can be set in tables.

Win: 3 points
Loss: 0 points
Bonus points: is a weaker team mber beats a stronger leage member. The looser of the game can pick up a bonus point for completing a game within 5.5 points of the winner.

The more games your leage plays the more points they accumulate.

Each team is also given an average kyu or dan ranking. One team member cannot challenge another league with a ranking discrepency of more than three ranks so that everything remains fair and higher ranking teams dont accumulatw too many points by noob bashing.

There is more that can be done here i feel but i simply dont know anough about them. I also feel most of this could likely be made automatic. Though there are undoubtedly kinks in this i’ve not thought of.

Just an idea for OGS.

There used to be an OGS league system. It wasn’t team play, but instead just individuals competing in live games. I guess at some point things wound down, maybe it became too hard to keep it going. There was a sub-forum just for discussing/organizing it here:

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Thanks for the link.

I just checked out the rules of that. And i have a fair understanding of how its supposed to work now.

I however think that my idea is different in a few key areas.

  1. What i am proposing isnt dissimular to the site ladder where its a constant on going thing. That leaves room for people to assume places if and when certain teams become inactive.

  2. I think the league system im thinking of wouldnhave to be embedded in to OGS itsskf to work well… not that i know snything about coding… but this could be something that is impossible or simply takes too much time to develop.

  3. The teams which you already know. With the teams. It would all be solo matches and such. But what im thinking is that games sre played as normal with the exception that shold you play a leage member that then becomes a leage game for which you can earn points for.

The more i think on this the more difficult it soubds to implament. It would need people a lot smarter than i am to manage and even produce.

But as is destined to happen… some ideas are simply not as good as others.

There are some league systems organized here (but not being organized by OGS itself) for what I remember, check the groups…

I did join one few years ago and played. It was fun in the first steps but did become a bit too “closed-family” later (which became a problem just to find a game) so I gave up.

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I can see whp things can become a little too tightly nit to be comfortable in this sort of sustem.

If you have any links for me im happy to read.

Yes, at the moment I think organizing and maintaining such a big league might be a little too much for us.

That said, there is a group with a very similar idea already running - OSR (https://openstudyroom.org/) completely free membership, some very skilled dan players who can help review your games and running monthly leagues even for prizes (usually “pro” teaching games and such…) Maybe there are others, sorry if I am a bit biased, but I have personal experience only with OSR and it is a great bunch :slight_smile:


Main menu/ group’s
You have “teaching league” “OSR” and many others…
For my own experience I tried the ASR on kgs a few years ago. The idea is more and less the same…

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So it’s obviously not going to be implemented into OGS. At best we can manage our own little league in forum posts. That way it shouldn’t strain OGS Team in any way and we can have our competitive games. Problem solved.

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Is OSR compatible on phones do you know? Im without desctop computers at the moment.

uhhh I guess it depends on what part you want to use exactly :smiley: the website should be more or less, the league games you play on OGS just like you normally would, so no issue there and they mostly hang out on discord, which has an app… :smiley: so, there. I think it is, but it may require some work.

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Thank you very much for the info my dude. Very helpful indeed.

Love discord by the way. I have a DnD group with the DM (Dungeon Master) being from the USA. Discord makes it possible.