OGS leaks memory?

The site seems to leak memory: if the tab is left open for 2-3 days, it allocates over 700 MB in Chrome. I noticed that because every morning the PC on which I keep the OGS tab open takes 5-10 mins to fully wake up after hibernation and the cause was this tab as it allocates as much memory as it can and once the total mem allocation reaches 99%, PC starts swapping it from the pagefile.

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So close the tab when you’re done using it?

Should I turn off the PC as well?

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I mean, I turn mine off every night. That’s just me though.

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hmm I have never heard this problem from anyone else, what are you looking at when you keep the tab open?

Only problem I am having with memory usage is when I play tens and tens of correspondence games in a row. OGS/Chrome is a memory hog. I have 8gigs of RAM and if I play 50+ correspondence moves with auto advance on and on different games I end up with no memory left. Chrome releases the memory slowly if I take a break so it’s not a big deal just a minor annoyance for me. I could always close the tab to release memory also.

In this game https://online-go.com/game/1857733 OGS managed to allocate all the memory at the very end of the game on my last timeout: I couldn’t even move the cursor because PC just froze. In such cases I usually reload the page to deallocate the memory, but in live games reloading a page is considered to be a loss (this seems to be a crazy rule, btw). My opponent graciously paused the timer, though.

I find it very funny that nowadays a 4 GB machine is not enough to run one tab with a site that simply draws a goban. A few years ago I was able to play Unreal Tournament 3 with nearly max settings on a PC with the same processor and the same amount of memory.

The message is a bit misleading. You actually have 1 minute to reenter the game before you lose, so refreshing should be fine.

Yeah we need to re-word that message… you can actually reload the page without any issues.

In this game https://online-go.com/game/1913930 OGS has allocated over 500 MB at the last timeout, so a win by 5-6 points turned into a loss by timeout. I was able to rejoin the game only several minutes later.

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