OGS sets handicap to my advantage anytime

I was played some times with week players and OGS gave me handicap. It is unfair.

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Are you sure you don’t have that fixed in your challenge settings?

I set it “auto” allways
And it is my opponents’s handicap exactly. For me…

Opera, Debian

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Auto means it sets the handicap based on your and your opponent’s ratings. If you don’t want handicap, choose None.

A want if my opponent will stronger.

I set Handicap: auto, Komi:auto;
Minimum Ranking 16k; Maximum Ranking 7k
Create the Game

I am 11k. Another player 14k.
I have black and 3 stones handi. wtf
example https://online-go.com/game/4027341

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Are you selecting black manually instead of auto? If so that might still be an open issue - I know at one point if you selected black and auto handi, it wasn’t smart enough to not give you handicap stones if you were stronger (traditionally the stronger player takes white)… I had thought we’d fixed that, I’m pretty sure we did for random color choices, but if you’re seeing it now then maybe we didn’t get to it yet :frowning:


I’ve checked my create-game settings, and yes, it was Black by default. I dont know why.

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You probably had the color at “Random” which looks the same as “Black” after the random generator has chosen Black for you.

Unfortunately, this setting stays the same when one switches between handicap and no-handicap games, so you have to switch all the time between Random and Auto, if you want to play your non-handicap games with random color, but still want to play handicap games.

Suppose player A is two ranks stronger than player B, but wants to have a handicapped game playing as Black. Player A could play as black and take a reverse komi of negative twenty six and a half points. I feel like auto handicap, auto komi, with random color should provide this type of komi whenever the stronger player is selected as black.

I would like to note that I have not had this issue, so perhaps I am missing something.

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