OGS Study Group - Board 10


Thanks for the comments. I’ll keep doing what I’ve been doing then, which is pulling interesting positions from pro games being discussed on Asian Go news sites and broadcasts. Speaking of which, this recent board should look familiar to you all. :wink:

EDIT: my review below


I looked at a range of moves but the best ideas seemed to be either H14 to sacrifice the weak stones and make a huge moyo, or G11 for a running fight. I’d go for H14, the words of Honinbo Jowa ringing in my head (blast this tinnitus): “Running groups away will make you cowardly… if you have invaded too deeply, you must sacrifice your stones.”



I’d like to see what people make of this 19th-century position (if Mark’s alright with it.)


Sure thing. Here’s my analysis:


Looks like there is variety in the answers :sweat_smile:


Board 11 is up. Anyone at any level is welcome to share their analysis of the position.



I tried to make it by head this time (cause I’m mostly playing blitz and correspomdance and found out that on normal game, I’m having more and more difficulty to read 4-5 moves keeping in mind the first move of the sequence…)