OGS Study Group - Board 5


o/ @bugcat. Nice to see you here. I know you like older games like this.


This ain’t old, I spent the last hour analysing a game from 1866 :wink:


Board 5 is up. This game is from 1969.

It was nice to have large participation (6 users) on the last board.


Shuko to move! I bet no-one will find his move.
So exciting… Hope I ll have time to participate tomorrow still coming back and have other things first to do :frowning:


3 reviews posted so far…


this is a quick one, 10 minutes spent.





I found two moves for White that looked credible to me. The first one was the obvious jump-out H5. The variations I analysed focused on White attacking Black from above, building a wall in sente by allowing Black to escape, and then returning to pressure Black’s top left group with F13 and aiming to dominate the centre.

My other choice (and the one I’d play in the game,) was to play F13 immediately. I expect Black to respond with C12, and then White can either shoulderhit the 3-3 at Q16 to take influence and build a moyo on the top side, or jump out to H5 and start the attack, again looking to build influence. Probably exchanging F13 for C12 and then immediately jumping to H5 would be strongest for White, and only playing Q16 when its value is more clear.


Here’s an interesting board position from the latest Shin Jinseo showpiece:

Also: the king is dead! Long live the king! Nobody actually died, but Shin Jinseo, age 18, is now the #1 rated player in the world, and highest rated player in history, according to Rémi Coulom’s computations at goratings.org.