OGS theme for Sabaki? Or: How to get PNGs from OGS theme

online-go.com has my favorite looking interface of all the goban programs. However, I primarily use Sabaki to review my games, since I can plug my own AI software into it.
I’m trying to get Sabaki to look like this, which means giving it some PNG files for the stones and board, but I can’t find the actual image files that OGS uses; crawling through the Typescript, it looks like the images are slightly built up on the fly, but I have to imagine there’s still some image files somewhere in the system that the drawing starts from. Any help?

(I’m not sure which category this post should go in, Support seems closest to what I want but idk)

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There is a folder in the github with some assets but I’m not sure it’s exactly what you want

Is it this one the board background?

online-go.com/persimmon.jpg at devel · online-go/online-go.com · GitHub

If I recall correctly, the stones are almost entirely (or entirely) procedurally generated. I am afraid there is no simple to grab .png, sorry :confused:

Hm, yeah that is the board background. I’m guessing it’s probably upsampled somehow… The stones seem more difficult.

I don’t suppose you could point me to the part of the code that procedurally generates them?

Could try and screenshot and cut out the stones and make your own png :slight_smile:

Or maybe just following the code to try and make one big stone of each colour and rescale it down.

Oooofff, well this is a bit of a hipshot, but these should contain most of what you are looking for (I am guessing), if not you will have to wait for someone smarter :smiley:


Note that the “goban” part is now a separate library, which is what might have thrown you off.

And this is the frontend “theme selector” for refference: