OGS Tournament 16681 will not accept any new players (hasn't reached max)

Hi. I’m currently having trouble with one of the tournaments I created. It will not accept any new players, even though it isn’t anywhere near the maximum (or even minimum). If anyone has any ideas/ solutions, it would be much appreciated. Cheers.

was interested in joining this tournament and was wondering the same thing!

I had joined the tournament shortly after it was created, but I’m no longer in it.

I might have to create a new tournament.

I’ll investigate this tomorrow… it should definitely be allowing more players.

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Alright guys, I’ve created a new tournament as a replacement. Hopefully the devs find out what’s going on, but for now, you can join this one.

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I see what’s wrong with this tournament and I can fix it if you want. It comes down to an unset value for the maximum number of participants. Basically, it needs a value there… if you can’t set it in the tournament settings then let me know and I can set one. I’ll open an issue to track fixing this to require a maximum number.

Also let me know if you have the same issue on the newly created tournament. I can fix that one if you run into the same issue, also… do you want me to remove the old tournament for you?

I’m fine with the old one being deleted, if it’s convenient for you. I think I got most people on the new one, so it shouldn’t matter. Thanks for the help.