OGS Update - homepage game update fail

Since the last “big update” when I access OGS using my laptop about 50% of the time the page does not display my current games but only shows a list of my opponents. There is no “number” in the top right corner indicating the games awaiting my move nor will any game (mine or others) load. Here is a screen capture:

Leaving and coming back has no effect. It is also intermittent - I can’t spot a consistent pattern. Some days it will load correctly and then on the same day not.

This ONLY happens on the laptop - never on my iPhone or iPad.

My laptop is a Lenovo T440s.

I’m sure this issue has arisen before - what is the solution?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi tzorec,

It is always good to tell the developers which browser and browser version you are using as well as indicating which operating system you run on your laptop.

– Musash1


Oops :slight_smile:

Using Chrome Version 43.0.2357.65 m (64-bit) in Windows 2010