Old pro games?

Would anyone be interested if i uploaded some older pro games to a demo board on OGS?

I could start a group on OGS and put them there, and i can then create an ongoing thread to update if anyone is interested. That way, we can have a small selection of pro games that you wonderful people could peruse here on OGS.

It’s something I want to do anyway, So if anyone is interested, at least I know that they will get used.


This sounds like what @bugcat was doing through the end of last year.

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Not dissimular to be honest but id not put such restrictive dates and such on there. Also i dont think im fully capable of running a study group persay. But im happy to upload games, even just for the benefit of having them in one place on OGS.

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Nice idea, just let the community know where to find those after you’re uploaded them ^___^


Yes, interested. Browsing some pro games is always good.

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Ah, nostalgia…

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