Old tournament still active

i am since 2013 in a tournament

Honinbo Handicap Title Tournament 2013

i lost all games, i resigned from tournament
it is still on the list of my tournaments and really annoys

if possible please remove it from my profile

kind regards


would there be at least a possibility to contact the admin to close it?
it is a zombie tournament ( from the old platform)

This is the tournament in question: Honinbo Handicap Title Tournament 2013.

It is an interesting case. It is not being held up by paused games. All games from round 1 are completed and round 2 has failed to start.

For what it’s worth, I think your request is justified. It’s not practicable to manually resume the tournament after such a hiatus. My guess is that it is beyond the scope of a mod to fix but hopefully one of them will bring it to the attention of @anoek.

thank you Kosh for looking into this

Few more stuck tournaments:

The top 2 (simul macmahons) are stuck because there isn’t enough players anymore for reaching the minimum group size, the first one actually has only xhu98 remaining, so just give him the trophy xD

The last one is a normal macmahon, where first round games have all been finished, but the second round has failed to start for some reason. I have no idea why this is so.

EDIT: i just noticed, that those simul macmahons have actually reached their end - both do have all their pre-set rounds played. For some reason both still seem to be active tournaments on my profile, instead having been finished and the trophies given to players. Maybe it’s because both of them have less than 3 players without DQ’s, so there simply isn’t enough players to give teh trophies to?
The last one is still a mystery for me.


i noticed the old tournament has disappeared
thank you for this!

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strange it is there again…