[on OGS] Alexandr Muromcev 5d vs Choi Cheol Han 9p - teaching game


Go Pro Yeon Woo and Yoon Young Sun are going to review it live https://www.youtube.com/user/goingceo

Muromcev account Lazyseal

And of course, it should mean Choi Cheol Han is gonna reveal his OGS account


Plot twist: He gets account number 1000000.


Muromcev is so strong he’s giving pros handicap

And of course, our account chulhanchoi[?]

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Wow, the first top professional to play a game on OGS!

What a cool milestone!

:beers: :clinking_glasses: :radio:

Hopefully Alex wasn’t too hard on himself, the game comments seem like he was fairly unhappy, hopefully not from looking at he AI review with wrong komi :slight_smile:

I’ve swapped the komi to reverse komi ^^ -19.5 komi.