One-time site donations

I’m glad to see that site donations are back on the new site, but I would like to request a one-time donation option. I categorically avoid recurring charges, but would be more than willing to make a periodic donation to support OGS.

Thanks for all of the updates, and keep up the good work!


Hi elb!

Some players from Germany (me included) are not able to do recurring payments because Paypal does not support them without the user having a credit card. Because of that, we are currently looking into a possibility to do normal payments (one-time) for a supporter account. So, just stay tuned. :smiley:


Any progress on this front? I love the latest update, by the way!

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+1 I would have thought this would be a fairly simple fix. Can’t you just publish your PayPal account so we can donate manually?


Note that I would be quite happy to donate even if it didn’t give me “supporter” status, because the badge isn’t the reason I donate!


So, since so nice things happen here, I might just as well summon @anoek and @matburt :slight_smile:

Hey OGS-Team, you’re doing so well - why do’nt you want my (our) money? From time to time, I try to donate some Euros - but there stil is no one-time payment. And no response on that issue. :frowning: Btw: In Germany it is not self-evident that you have a credit card…


We are aware of it, Talbo. I am facing the same issue as I am living in Germany. :smiley:

There are a couple of problems with one-time donations that make us not accept them at the moment. The developers would have to clarify that, though, as I am not aware of all specifics.

As far as I know about the recurring payment problem though, Paypal is blocking recurring payments for Europe, unless you’re a big company. We will try to add more options for recurring payment in the future though!

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We have stated this elsewhere but I reckon it’s worth repeating.

We do want to allow one time donations and realize that we are missing out on some contributions in the meantime. However, focusing on recurring donations at first allows us to plan out our budget month-to-month to make sure we can cover those costs without having to worry about it every few weeks.

We’re looking for ways to support our German friends and others who don’t use credit cards… very soon we’ll allow recurring bitcoin payments through Coinbase which, unfortunately, is not available in Germany iirc.

We’d love to hear about some alternative payment systems that you guys have used and trust in your native country and currency. For some reason the way Paypal is set up for us it doesn’t seem to like taking recurring payments from anything but CCs and paypal has been less than helpful on that.


Thank you matburt and Francisa for your replies.
Donations via paypal are very common in Germany, even the lowsiest private homepages use the one-time-donate-button, it only takes a minute to integrate them. So I guess, your problems are more of administrative nature? Anyway: I unfortunately don’t know a proper alternative - except maybe the good old wire transfer.


From time to time I would like to make one-time donation via credit card
Pls make that possible

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User A sets up a recurring donation at 2 quatloos each month, which can be cancelled at any time. User B gives 48 quatloos up front in a lump sum. Which payment is more predictable?


[quote=“hollasch, post:12, topic:728”]
User A sets up […] [/quote]I see what you’re doing there :joy: but I think less sarcasm might convey the message better.

Also, it is possible to set up a recurring donation — and cancel it again right after the first payment, which would be quite the same as a one-time donation :slight_smile:

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There is zero sarcasm in my response.


Is there a reason why isn’t international bank transfer possible?

Just a side note - some banks offer debit cards that can be used like credit cards, have you asked is that possible with your bank? (this is what i’m doing)

As long as it’s a card that paypal or our payment processor accepts (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX).

We’re just a very small crew here @kobaljev there are 2 of us developers and we have full time jobs elsewhere. The logicstics and legal implications of international bank transfers outside of what our two payment processors support is a bit too complicated for us at the moment.

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Hi, any update on accepting Bitcoin donations, either one-time or recurring? I’ve been waiting for probably 6 months now and still haven’t seen it on the donate page. As soon as you provide a bitcoin address I’ll contribute $5-10 ! As a short thing you could just include a bitcoin address, or use a service like BitPay (as an alternative to coinbase). You could always just create a Coinbase account, generate an address, and post it on the donate page! Anyway, let me know :smile:

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Have you thought about using Patreon to collect recurring donations? May be a good way to offload some of the logistics and provide a simple way from the contributor’s perspective.



I have not yet backed anything on Patreon, but I’ve set up an account and when I decide to donate, that would definitely be the easiest. Of course, the way it’s set up now is fine for me, too.