Online Go Web App: Login refused

I get no access to OGS using the online go web app on an android smartphone. Only the following error is displayed: “it looks like localStorage is disabled on your browser. Unfortunately you won´t be able to login without enabling it first”.
Standard browser is IE, but also with firefox (as standard) a login is not possible.
Deleting the app and re-installing is without any effect.
The same problem is complainted by others (see play store), but seemingly not in this forum.
Does anybody have an idea to solve this problem?

I don’t believe the android app is built or supported by OGS devs, but another alternative can be found here. It is still in development so it’s a little bare bones features wise but I’ve found it to be reliable (or of course you can just visit from your phone’s mobile browser and avoid all the app hullabaloo) :slight_smile:

Many thanks for the great help. I managed to download the app onto my cell phone and got access to my games. I will check how robust it works in the next days.
BTW: Using the mobile browser in a very rural area is always a hullabaloo :slight_smile:

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