‘open challenge’ looping

Hello, I have en ‘open challenge’ that keeps looping : waiting for begin. Can you help to delete it. Thanks

Do you have a link to the game board where you’re seeing the ‘Waiting for the game to begin’ message?


Hi Zongo,

It’s not clear to me what the issue is, I don’t see an open challenge, and the game you linked to is completed already.

Can you send a screenshot of the problem you are seeing?


I assumed he meant he was having that issue where it shows that he has a move to play for that game in the top-right, even though that’s not true.


Ah maybe so, is it fixed for you now Zongo?

Dear OGS support team,

I have a game constantly popping up and no way to remove the notification.

Board: https://online-go.com/game/6031645

Can you help me fix this?

Many thanks,

Hello @InSid, I’ve moved your post to this existing thread where our demi-god @anoek already is active.

All better @InSid ?

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Just checked and it’s gone, thanks a lot :slight_smile:


Hi, looks like solved asof yesterday. Thanks for your help anyway.


yep, thanks


I keep getting that too.

Easiest thing is to post the game link here, or message a mod/dev on the main site and let them know. They’re the only ones who can fix it at this point.

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Should be fixed for you @BrodieRatel13

On the up side, we actually have this bug finally fixed for good in an upcoming release :slight_smile: Still gonna be another couple of weeks though…