Open office document with embedded sgf's

How would I accomplish this?. Surely it’s been done…

Uhhhh…I mean, you can stick whatever file type you want into a Word document as an object. Or just paste the text itself, but if you’re expecting Word/Office to render the game for you I can’t imagine any way that would work. Not without some custom plugin you’d probably have to write yourself.

The closest thing I can find is a tool that will turn SGFs into LaTeX markup, but you would need to know LaTeX (I’m a big fan but most people don’t even know what that is), and the tool only seems to exist for Ubuntu.

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As far as I understand, SGF is source code (in pure text format) which an SGF interpreter (like CGoban or any other SGF manipulation program) interprets (executes live).


What we see in CGoban, or on OGS after uploading an SGF, is how the SGF is interpreted and visualised.

Therefore, as explained by @pbgarden, we’d need a plugin/extension/whatever that could …

  1. interpret/execute the SGF so as to show the board and moves played, and
  2. embed the visualisation of the interpreted SGF in the document

For the SGF specification see