Open Study Room live 9 x 9 tournament


3 more days until registration closes. Would anyone else like to participate?


Hm if it wasn’t lagged live (negotiate time/date individually) but continuous live (all in one go) or at least blocked live (round n on day D at time T) I’d see if I could cast it.

If you’re planning to do the finals continuously live, I might be able to cast those.


Happy to let you know date and time of the final and if you’d like to stream it that would be welcome.


Registration formally closed yesterday, but if anyone wants to sneak in today, you won’t be turned away.


Day #1 of the tournament and we seem to have found an OGS bug: Who’d have thought it?


Did you set the time control to “blitz” or “live”? I suspect you need to use blitz.


Blitz. The controls needed to define the time setting do exist, but they don’t do what they should. More details on github - see above link. So I would recommend that other tournament organizers should check that time settings are actually doing what they should be doing.


Can you link the (attempted) games?


Sure, here:


Left a few hints for your trouble. :]
I’ll test it as soon as one of my homies shows up. :wink:


thanks very much!


This tournament has finished. It evolved a bit along the way with most matches being played as a best of three, which was interesting. We found a few issues with OGS which were duly reported on the github. GoQuest time settings on OGS were found to give 3 mins + 5s/move instead of 3 mins + 2s/move, so 100% of games ended up being played on OGS. The finding standings and a browsable collection of 27 deciding games can be found on the tournament site, here:
Thanks to all who participated or contributed comments and ideas.