Open Study Room on OGS


Hello everybody,

I am a beginner (+/-15kyu ogs) and I do not have much time to learn and play go. I think, the best way to improve my level is play and review my games.

To do this, I challenge myself : Do a review of my next 100 serious games. I would like a review by a human when I lose my games and review myself my winning games with GoReviewPartner/LeelaZero.

What do you think about my challenge ?
Is there someone to help me ?

Thanks in advance for your answers.


Hi @BenVsb!

In Open Study Room we do believe in playing serious games and reviewing. Feel free to pop-by in our Discord and have a chat. You’d usually be able to find someone to review games with you, although 100 sounds rather a lot for one person to do.

But you’ll certainly get plenty of reviews with us, along with serious games. :wink: