Opening Games in a New Tab

Prior to the last big revamping, if I was on my home page and my cursor was on a given game, I could right click and open up that game board in a new tap on my browser. I like to do that because I like to play my games with the shortest amount of time left first, and then the one with the next shortest amount of time, etc. (Occasionally, I’ll play all my games against the same opponent first.) I’d just leave the home page open in one tab, and play all my games in the next tab.

After the revamp, it was no longer possible to right click and open a given game board in a new window. Instead, the list of games screen is replaced with a game board. Now, after I make a move in that game, I have to go back to the home page after every game move which I find annoying. I’m not sure why that feature was dropped with the revamp, but since it’s clearly technically possible, is there any chance that that feature could be reinstated in some future upgrade?

I recognize one can also scroll through all one’s games where it’s your move by clicking on the black circle in the upper right corner. But unless the games were ordered by the amount of time left when you click on that black circle (and they are currently not), that’s an even slower way to achieve the same result.

While you can no longer right-click for a dropdown menu, I believe by default on all browsers (certainly at least Chrome) middle mouse button will open any link in a new tab. This works for my games and any other link I’ve tried on the site.

You will find under settings the option to change how many boards show on your home screen, which at its minimum value is the option to always show a list.

Control click also works even if you don’t have a middle mouse button.

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