Oponent not moving after undo

My opponent requested an undo move in an correspondence game, and i was nice enough to accept it. He requested it 1,5 days ago and i accepted it after 5 minutes when i noticed the undo request.

Since then i’m sure my opponent has been online, he’s usually fast with his moves (max 1 day) and i’ve seen him make moves in other games. Somehow our game escapes his attention. Could it be the undo request game does not show up in his move list? Is this some kind of bug?


I don’t think it’s a bug. I’m about 95% certain I’ve seen games appear green on the home screen / add 1 to the “your move” counter in the top right after an opponent accepts an undo request. Inconsistent play times is kind of the nature of correspondence matches.

Usually, I’ll play several moves a day per game if my opponents respond frequently. However, I occasionally won’t play a move for several days if 1) I’m busy, or 2) It’s a complicated fight that requires significant reading - meaning I can’t just quickly play an obvious move during my short breaks.

Is his clock running down? As long as it is he should play a move eventually - or else you will automatically win on time. You might consider changing up your time settings in the future if you want more consistent daily play.

I think I remember (ever so vaguely) that there was some problem with games not showing up in the move list (respectively in the black circle with the number of games with due moves) after moves have been undone … maybe you should write your opponent a PM?

Also, if that was the case, then please ask your opponent to also answer in this thread so that our devs can look at it if it really was so.

I’ve send my oponent a message, and he indeed started to play again. He didnt answer me when i asked if he saw our game in his move list, however i just undo’d a move in one of my other games, and indeed it did not show up in my move list.

Game link? Devs can’t help without it!

I do not think the other game is important, i already moved again and the steps to reproduce are very simple. Start a correspondence game, play a few moves, request an undo, (close the game and go to the lobby) and let the opponent accept the undo. Boom, game undo’d but not in move list.

I thought that everyone knew that. This always happens in my games that undos don’t show up.

Hm. Summoning @anoek

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Can confirm, undos do not e-mail me. Though I haven’t had an undo in a while.