Opponent AFK. What do i do?

I am in the middle of a 19x19 ranked game, and my opponent isn’t making any moves… it’s been almost 10 minutes… what do i do? just wait the fulled 25 minutes?


There might be a “cancel game” button; if not, better to just let the time run out. Don’t be surprised if he starts playing right when the click hits zero! You never know with trolls. Or maybe he just left the game and isn’t aware that his time is counting down.


In the menu on the right hand side you can call a moderator, they may issue your opponent with a warning. But depending on which is more valuable to you, the win or 25 minutes of your life, you can either wait for the time to run out or resign and find a new game.

Well, I wouldn’t resign if confronted with such a situation … it skews the ranking system. I think it happens rarely enough to endure it. If you experience it again with the same opponent, it may be a serial escaper, and then I’d def. call a moderator. Otherwise it may just as well be connection problems …


Can’t be connection problems or Zues would get him… he still has the game open in a tab he just isn’t making moves

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Looks to me like your opponent is very unfamiliar with the site(and Go). If the game was started with ‘Quick match’ then it’s not uncommon for people to have the window open and not notice it start.
In future, don’t hesitate to use ‘cancel game’ after a couple of minutes. As long as the button says “Cancel game” and not “Resign” then the result is annulled.