Opponent resigned, but "Your Move" notification persisting and timer still counting down

I was playing a correspondence game, and it reached a point where it appeared my opponent resigned the game. The resignation shows up on my profile and I think our ranks updated to reflect the game, but I still have that black-encircled notification number in the upper-right part of the screen indicating that it’s my move in the game. When I click the number, it takes me to an earlier point in the game, at move 68 (We finished probably a dozen or two moves after that point but I don’t have a record anymore also I’m bad at counting numbers > 6-ish). The same is true when I click the name of the game in the record on my profile - it takes me to our unfinished game and it’s my move. At time of writing, the timer indicates I have 2 days and 23 hours remaining and I’m unsure if I’m bound to continue re-playing at this point. My “Home” page also says “You’re not currently playing any games.” Is the game finished or not, and what should I do?

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Happened to me too

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Hang on, Anoek’s looking into it.


For those affected. Perhaps pause with an explanation in chat if need be and await fix as AdamR suggests. Maybe flag the game with the ‘Call Moderator’ function. @AdamR would know better if that’s necessary.

Unfortunately, until anoek finds out what’s up, I don’t know much more :open_mouth: If you are playing with a friend and both agree to pause, then go for it. Flagging is not neccessary, do it only if you would prefer to get a PM on OGS rather than following the forums once we know something :slight_smile: